Journal 3/7/2018


Through Coursera I learned the functions of various components and how to assemble a computer with the components. Throughout the week I used the resources to learn about the components and took the quiz’s towards the end.



2/23/2018 Journal #2


Alternative projects, In case this project does not pan out for whatever reason here are some alternatives projects to keep me busy during the course. Learning to 3d design

Learning a programming language

Taking cs50

2/23/2018 Journal #3

Project Plan


Using coursera I would like to complete this the course in a reasonable amount of time.

This is the website and information.

Throughout a week I will have various projects and such to complete and learn new skills. For example week 2 is learning about physical hardware components, their roles, functions and how to build a computer.

I will complete this project weekly until the course is complete, which should be around 6 weeks with all lessons.

2/21/2018 Journal #1


This Semester I’m going to be starting out with the Google IT support Professional certificate provided by Coursera. Throughout this course I will learn a variety of different skillets that are essential to the field of IT.

These are the 6 Topics that are covered throughout the course.

  1. Technical Support Fundamentals
  2. The Bits and Bytes of Computer Networking
  3. Operating Systems and You: Becoming a Power User
  4. System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services
  5. IT Automation: It’s not that scary!
  6. IT Security: Defense against the digital dark arts

Each Course is estimated to take about a week to complete and the course estimates that I will be finished on April 1st.

Journal 5/25/2017

How to load new “MAX_Falcon-8_V2.1_Firmware.bin” to your current Falcon-8?
1) Connect micro USB cable to your Falcon-8 and then plug in the USB cable to your computer.
2) Flip the device over and simply remove jumper from “Jumper 0” and then place onto “jumper 1”.
3) Slowly press the “Reset” button twice.
4) A temporary “CRP DISABLD” drive will display in “My Computer / This PC”
5) Delete the firmware.bin file in your CRP DISABLD drive
6) Copy/paste or drag/drop new “MAX_Falcon-8_V2.1_Firmware.bin” into your CRP DISABLD drive
7) Open your “MAX Falcon-8 V2 Programmer.exe” click load “MAX_Falcon-8_V2.1_Firmware.bin” from CRP DISABLD drive
8) Simply assign the function of each key from the drop down list or set your own macro or key combinations.
8) When satisfied with your settings, click “SAVE”
9) Flip the device over and remove jumper from “Jumper 1” and place it back to “Jumper 0”
10) Lastly, Press the “Reset” button once.

Journal 5/23/2017

Today I soldered in the switches and led into the pcb.

For this part of the project It is important to line up the keys when you are soldering them in, to keep them straight. If you fail to do this it can end up with your keys being angled.

Properly insert the key pins into the pcb, and also ensure the leds are properly placed.

From there you can just solder them in, this will allow you to use the keypad with the default settings which is media control.

Journal 2017/05/18

Based on a Tutorial, Ive gathered the steps to properly put together the project.grgaefaege
The first part of the process is to insert the keyswitch into the pcb.

The key pins are inserted in r0 and C2 then soldered into the pcb.


Then Insert the leds and solder them in.

(I have Red leds that I have purchased.)


Once all the leds are soldered in, then snip off the ends with a tool of some sort.


This completes the build section of the project, for my next journal I will release the programming section.