Today I worked on the Troubleshooting Best Practices Unit in the Week 6 lessons. This unit focuses on problem solving using the information available. This included troubleshooting problems you may encounter with technology, problem solving with a big focus on logical step by step thinking as well as communication.




Through Interacting with software I learned about the various commands that are required to install, update and delete software in both Windows and Linux.



Through this weeks introduction to software I learned about the various abstraction methods and how software has changed in how it can be developed overtime. This is primarily due to the access of open source coding languages and development tools that allow developers to create new programs. I also learned about the compiling process between coding languages and machine code.


Through the section “Impact of the Internet I learned about the how the internet has revolutionized our society with it. The internet is a significant part of Globalization which has completely changed how the citizens of the Earth can interact. This can be represented in both the economic markets that the Internet has created as well as the exchange of ideas that the internet allows. At the end of this section I took the Quiz that would review that concepts learned throughout this Week.


Learned about the history of the Internet and the reason it was created. As well as it’s limitations. Throughout this section I learned about the original computers and the DARPA project, the earliest form of Internet. And about how the TCP protocol’s in the 70’s were the foundation for what the computer scientist Tim-Berners-Lee who would develop the World Wide Web.

Some limitations that have been discussed include the IPv4 address which currently has a limited capacity in the amount of websites that could be created. The creation of IPv6 allowed for many more websites to be created as it uses 128 bytes as opposed to 32 bit IPv4 system.

Journal 4/11/2018


Completed the “What is Networking” Section of the Week.

Throughout this section I learned about the functions of IP addresses, the DNS, the TCP and Networking hardware such as fiber optic cables. Learning about the protocols and Hardware has given me a better understanding of how information is transmitted via the Web.