Journal 2017/05/04

Because I still have to wait on the wires for my porject, I decided to work on the mini project I had been working with python to make a count carding program based on the “Wong Halves”


count.print (“Values are Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Jack, Queen, King, Ace”)
print (“Please enter the values are written. This uses the Wong Halves Card counting method, The dealer will be at a disadvantage when the count becomes Positive.”)
print (“Restart the Program upon a new game, This Program is designed for a number of Decks; ideal for Counting”)

d = input(“How many Decks are in play? “)

i = input(“What is your Card? “)
if i == “Jack” or i == “Ace” or i == “Queen” or i == “King” or i == “Ten”:
a = -1
elif i == “Eight”:
a = 0
elif i == “Nine”:
a = -0.5
elif i == “Three” or i == “Four” or i ==”Six”:
a = 1
elif i == “Five”:
a = 1.5
elif i == “Two” or i == “Seven”:
a = 0.5

Here is the basic setup code I have set up for it, rather than using whole numbers the wong halves count uses decimals to better accurcately keep the chances in your favor.


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