Journal #13 2017/04/19

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Problem solving Strategies

  1. Using Wiki and external sources. This is something that will remain relevant to my project as I struggle to find out how to upload code to my nanoboard. This is a wiki that I will be using to find out what my board is a clone of and also how to ensure that I’m properly uploading code.
  2. Help from peers and teachers. During my time spent on my projects I have been fortunate to gain assistance from a number of classmates. For my main project, Adrian has shown me his plans and has made suggestions to better my own. Another classmate helped me edit the code for the miniproject I did.
  3. Trial and Error. This allows me to test multiple designs for my case and other things that may come up. My first print of the case allowed me to slot in the key switches nicely, but the design of it was unideal. The spacing between each key was about 10mm more than I would like. Therefore this first attempt has helped me problem solve and also shown me the flaws and rights of what I have
  4. Identifying your problems. Without taking a good look at your project and figuring out the issues, you won’t be able to fix it. The use of identifying and planning for the problems will help more than trying things willy nilly.
  5. Using previous experiences to expand on the project. For example if someone has worked with electronics before than you can draw ideas from that. Or if you have old code you can use for base of a project.

Mini Projects.

Personally this time I did some mini projects and also can use resources to find more that I would like to do.

  1. Using a card counting algorithm, I created a program to track the probability of winning your hand in blackjack.
  2. a DIY charger
  3. I spent time designing and redesigning the case for my main project.

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