The Roaring 1920’s

The roaring twenties allowed for new technology, during this time automobiles became popular and the Ford Model T was a popular car.
During this time prohibition had began in the United States of America, Canadian “Rumrunners” madeĀ a fortune smuggling liquor into the states. During this time you could get a tonic or bootleg booze from some of the people involved in this business. Prohibition had led to a decrease in crime and arrests for drunkenness and brought more productivity during this Industrial age.


In Canada some provinces dropped prohibition due to the taxes they lost from the sales of the liquor. Some provinces were late in renouncing it, P.E.I was to last to eliminate this law in 1948.During this time “speakeasies” were places were you could drink alcohol. Occasionally some police turned a blind eye to these clubs.

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