Journal 2017-03-01

687474703a2f2f7075752e73682f6e624743312f353136636462396331392e6a7067Parts for the keypad

– Teensy 3.1, 3.2, LC, etc… or Arduino-based stuff like the Micro, Trinket, Due, Leonardo, etc…
– 4 x Cherry MX switch of choice (salvaged or new) (Get plate-mount if mounting via the plate; use PCB mount if your case is thick)
– 4 x Cherry MX key caps of choice (salvaged or new)
– 24-30 AWG wire
– Solder
– Soldering Iron
– Arduino IDE w/ Teensy Bootloader
– LEDs (Optional)


3D printer
– 3D printer (or get it printed somewhere)
– Nuts and bolts of choice (M5 nuts and bolts)
– Sketchup (or Blender; any 3D modelling program of choice)
– Filament of choice

The way of the laser or CNC cutting
– AutoCAD or Solidworks -> basically anything that can generate a g-code compatible file.
– Sheet metal or acryclic (1.5mm for metal, 2mm – 2.5mm acrylic)
– A shop that can cut for you or access to a cutting machine.


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