Journal 2/28/2017 #1

687474703a2f2f7075752e73682f736d5276312f326135396330353633642e706e67This semester I have decided to make a 4×1 keypad using a variety of different switches, this keypad can function as either a media controller or for various other things.

The current features I would like to have for the keypad would be

-The use of multiple switches i.e 2 cherry mx blacks 2 gateoron clears etc.

-RGB programmable leds (The main thing I would like would be

-Capable of using different keycaps if I desire to order or create them. (The keyboard will use R1’s)

-USB input

Using a variety of sources I will come up with a project plan that will fit the criteria and determine the best way to make the keyboard. (For example pcb vs arduino)