Journal #20

Setting up the arcade buttons for retropie. And various settings.console_1_of_3_3808c7a7-cde8-4c94-a403-acd7652833bd_1024x1024 this is an example setup for the buttons on the picade.

Essentially I will explain a few options you will want to configure in order to run this at its best level.

I created a small diagram for configuring the buttons the consoleexample

In order to get to the main menu with this setup you will want to push select and start at the same time. This will take you back to the game selection screen.

The first thing I would do before I even begin playing games would to turn on saving metadata. This will allow you to save your progress in your various games assuming you have the memory for it. (I used a 32 gb sd card but I would suggest 16gb+)

In order to turn on saving metadata you will want to hit start.

This will take you to the main menu, from there goto other settings.

turn change Save metadata on exit from off to on.

The next thing you may want for a quality of life change would be show framerate this is useful for testing the games you want to play in order to see if u can run it properly. Anything above 30 frames is good but 45+ is optimal.

I would recommend turning it off while you actually play as it will take up quite a bit of the monitor.


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