Journal #19

Installing roms onto the raspberry pithumb_626854mame-roms


There are various methods for installing roms onto retropie, the one I will share with you will be the one using a usb drive.


  1. First make sure your usb is formatted to fat 32
  2. Next create a folder called retropie onto the usb.
  3. From there you will want to plug the usb into the raspberry pi.
  4. The raspberry pi will begin blinking green during this time do not remove the usb.
  5. After this you may unplug the usb.
  6. When you open in back up in the computer it will have various folders in it.
  7. You will want to go to the emulators/roms folder and find the different emulators.
  8. From there you can insert your roms into the various emulators.
  9. In order to get them onto the raspberry pi insert it while emulation station has booted up and the same blinking will repeat.

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