Picade Machine

Essentially I will be building the Picade Machine for my maker project and hoping to find ways to improve ways on the project as well.picade_e88be47c-06d6-4fe8-a914-629bd9d58e0b_1024x1024

The way I eventually came to this project was because first I wanted to do something with the raspberry pi 2. And secondly as I enjoy video games this seemed like a good project to me. This is a project I don’t only want to build but to improve upon as well, hopefully I will find a successful way to accomplish that.

I will be using the instructions shown here http://learn.pimoroni.com/tutorial/picade/build

Here are some of my goals for this project.

-Get Games working on the picade.

-Attempt to run 2 OS on the raspberry pi 2, one for the emulator I am using (Retropie) and one for basic web surfing etc.

-Try to build another controller of some sort and make it compbatible for the system in order to support multiplayer.

-(Try to make a game for it as well) I find this one to be slightly unrealistic for the time that I have but it will be a end goal for this project whether its during the maker class or on my own time after.


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