Journal Week 3

This is where the most frustrating part comes. (for me anyway)

I have found no way to make this easier even after screwing the screws down onto the input board. Ok at this part you should have everything wired on for the buttons and side buttons. Attach these to the input panel on the base board. This becomes very tedious quickly and do not stay well. This is generally the most annoying part of the project.


After you have done this we will begin with the screen.

For this we need the “X” board which goes on the the back of the screen. You should also have the lcd board for it. Attach the ribbon cable to the lcd board and the monitor. Have the text on the monitor facing away from you. (Or else it ends up upside down.) Put the Lcd board on so the ribbon cable faces you. For this you will need to remove the side panel and take the top handle off. First you will want to attach the screen onto picade machine screw it back in, then put in the console.



  1. Attach the control board onto the base of the picade.
  2. Begin wiring all of the things into the control board.picade-wiring-diagram

3. Begin building the screen.


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