Journal Week 2

From here on you should have the side and top panels attached to the base.

At this point you have two options, either begin on the backdoor/top of the picade machine or beginning to build the joystick console. I personally would do the latter first but that is your desicion.maxresdefault This picture shows the wiring.

For the backdoor you will need to attach the hinge on the right side of the side panel (viewing from the back).

Then attach the backdoor with the other hinges on the otherside. Take the metal piece out of the hinge and put it on the backdoor.


For the console first unscrew the joystick head and place it into the board. (Make sure you peeled the cover off and put the clear plastic over the black board.) After this reattach the joystick head and screw it in. (If you would like to add the cover art do it before you screw it in.)

After this you will be putting in the arcade buttons into the console and into the side and front panels of the picade. Attach the wires to both the joystick and buttons. (DO NOT ADD THE CONTROL BOARD ONTO THE BOTTOM OF THE CONSOLE) instead attach it to the base panel of the picade machine.


1. Start building the joystick console.

2. Build the backdoor

3. Attach the wires to all of the joysticks and arcade buttons.


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