Journal Week 1

For this project I will be using the Picade kit and a Raspberry Pi 2 Forpicade-parts_1024x1024

Starting with the building process. ( You will require a screwdriver for this first part.)

You will want to start with the bottom plate on the top right corner of the picture.

(I didn’t notice at the beginning but if you flip the board over it will show all the areas for control boards.)

Then attach the connecter pieces with the flat side facing out.

Before attaching the side panels to the base I would highly suggest adding the speakers first.

Then After this you will add the side/front panel (Personally I would start with the side panels while attaching the top handle between them.)

During this time with this being the easiest part of the project ( In my opinion)

I began my research on how to use the raspberry pi, general knowledge and the different operating systems for it. I suggest you should get comfortable with your raspberry pi, understand how it works. I will make sure to mention right here to use a 2A power adapter with microusb.

To summarize

  1. Building the base/side of the machine
  2. Finishing with the speakers/front of the machine
  3. Do research and know how to use your raspberry pi and understand what software you are going to use.




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