Problem Solving Journal


While this wasn’t a problem I had while working on my main project it was something I struggled with for the first 2 weeks.

Last year I worked on a micro keypad that could be used for a variety of functions such as macros and hotkeys. During this time both my laptop and keypad stopped functioning properly, the laptop stuck on a boot up loop and the keypad not having power properly flow through it. It was quite possible that the two were related.

During this time I used resources such as a google and youtube to try to find solutions to the startup error 0xc000021a

During this time I used practically every solution I could from videos such as

Nothing had worked from system restores failing, start up repairs not completing and command prompt error checks not fixing the issue.

It took me about two days to find out that lenovo had a internal drive that functioned like a usb boot up that would allow me to restore the computer to the proper settings. This fix while simple was not something I had found through youtube and google, instead it was looking through every option I could for a fix on the computer.


Mini Projects Journal


During any downtime that I may have it’s important to have mini projects to keep myself busy, some ideas for mini projects include

Learning a coding language from codeacademy

Creating a project such as the Self-Watering planter

Power-Bank for Smart phones

These projects would be useful for times where Im unable to access my main project for any reason.



I learned how to use a virtual machine with the Google Cloud Console and how to interact with the virtual machine. In this assignment I was to connect to the virtual machine and then create a folder. This was done by using the mkdir command.

2/23/2018 Journal #3

Project Plan


Using coursera I would like to complete this the course in a reasonable amount of time.

This is the website and information.

Throughout a week I will have various projects and such to complete and learn new skills. For example week 2 is learning about physical hardware components, their roles, functions and how to build a computer.

I will complete this project weekly until the course is complete, which should be around 6 weeks with all lessons.